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Robert Butler

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Storyboards, Illustrations, Music Videos, London, UK

I like to create music videos that have an atmosphere of their own, with the sense of other worlds and possibilities.

Music videos & Promos - directing, filming, editing, VFX

Halls of Light


The music of Wildeast is a fresh blend of Turkish melodies, Middle Eastern percussion and the progressive beats of London's musical landscape. I aimed to create a video for them which would express the wild fusion of their sounds. I interwove live footage of their performance with a magical Arabian Nights story.

direction, photography, editing

Three Flies

Anna McAndrew

Anna McAndrew is a contemporary folk singer, inspired by the likes of Joan Baez and Lhasa de Sela. Three Flies was written in the idyllic French countryside under the shade of an old tree, far from the bustle of towns & cities. The song is a memento of times to be thought of when caught up in the drabness of urban life.

direction, photography, animation, editing

Crowdfunding promo video

A video promo made for Tottenham Art Classes, London. Used on the Zequs fund-raising site, as part of the campaign to (very successfully) raise money for materials & tuition to launch a new painting course. It featured on the Zequs example campaigns page.

direction, photography, editing

Tottenham Art Classes


View the animatic used for planning the shoot. Scheduling & location changes meant the storyline changed slightly:

Green Waters

Round Coloured Note

Music written and produced by Al-Maranca. He explains:

“This simple humming tune was basically born on the Music Boat.. I used to watch what was happening on board every time I played it, to any kind of people, while on a ride over the green waters of Regent`s Canal ..I have beautiful memories of light games, reverbs under the bridges, sunshine, sunsets and big smiles, brought back by the sound of this song.”

direction, filming, editing